Yoga Foam Roller

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Yoga is such a fruitful exercise that it does not only work perfectly for physical health perspectives but also does wonders for mental relaxation and overall enhancement of health standards. However, an overwhelming majority of the people never get a chance to do the Yoga exercise effectively due to lack of right tools or complaint a fatigue at times. To offer a tremendous solution to rest of such problems, our latest Yoga Block Exercise has launched which lets you do Yoga exercise with sheer ease and comfort without having to cause excessive exhaustion or trouble.


  • Soft & lightweight:

Being made up of very fluffy & smooth foam, our Yoga Block Exercise is utterly soft and never causes any sort of hard feeling on the body. Apart from that, it has a lightweight which makes it easily portable.

  • Safe & waterproof:

Yoga Block is ideal for different kind of stretching and workouts where it does not pose a threat of injury or wound. Also, it resists against water and maintains its natural shape and performance.

  • Strengthening and flexible:

It enhances the power and strength of your muscles, helps in releasing tensions while it provides a great flexibility to workout in different ways for different body organs.

  • Sophisticated construction:

Due to its expertly construction with optimal quality foam material, it is not only stretchable and soft but also never fails to impress with magnificent and longlasting performance.

  • Versatile:

There is no need to use it at a specific place or only in the gym, due to its excellent versatility, it can be used for exercising at one’s own convenience at the office, home or anywhere.

Brand Name: YOMER
Function: Muscle Relex Apparatus
Teaching Mode: Book
Size: 45*14cm

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