Purple Yoga Mat Massager

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Yoga Mat Massager offers a new sensation to your fitness regime and comes with the ability to thoroughly transform your workout sessions quite amazingly. On one hand, it provides a sense of ease and comfort, while on the other side, the very massager makes it certain that you get the most out of it with your health standards. Also, it is utterly easier to be used anywhere and one does not have to be confined to one specific place at all.


  • Smoothing massage:

Due to the involvement of plastic nails on this Yoga Mat Massager, it has a lot of smoothness to offer. The kind of fluffiness it has, one could easily enjoy the experience of acupressure and release the stress & tiresome quite easily.

  • Stimulates nervous system:

It works as a natural healer by activating the nervous system of the human body. Since the nervous system is stimulated, so an organic sense of relaxation & ease can be observed.

  • Ideal for health:

Other than dealing with relaxation perspective, Yoga Mat Massager works equally well with other health components including blood circulation, fatigue, sleep and insomnia issues.

  • High-quality material & lightweight:

Being constructed with optimal quality PVC & cotton material, it tends to offer a great usability along with a lightweight which never causes an exhaustion feel.

  • Portable & suitable for all limbs:

The Yoga Mat Massager is convenient to be carried along while traveling or even it can be stored easily, whereas, it is equally ideal for all age groups. Also, the Massager works equally appropriately for all the limbs including feet, legs, arms or even back.


Brand Name: VKTECH
Model Number: Acupressure Massage Mat
Thickness: 6 mm (Beginner)
Material: PVC + cotton
Length: 735mm*420mm
Item: Acupressure Massage Mat
Application: Back, foot, legs
Material: PVC + cotton
Color: Purple
Applicable User: Provide acupressure massage for all age group

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