Customized Flying Yoga Hammock

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Staying in a right posture for a steady time span while carrying Yoga exercise is quite an uphill task. Even many of the people who tend to do regular Yoga exercise are unable to find ideal results due to their failure of maintaining right kind of body positioning. Well, look no further, our most unique & unprecedented Yoga Training Hammock is introduced to address the same issue so that you could take the most out of your Yoga periods.


  • Maintains body balance:

With the help of its premium construction and excellent design, it is hung in the air so that the person can fit or tied inside it to achieve a right posture without causing any sort of pain or trouble. Each part of the body remains in the right shape and gets greatly balanced.

  • Highly adjustable:

For the ones who have a unique body size can adjust the hammock as according to their body needs. The hammock is highly flexible and has the ability to support different body types.

  • Promotes breathing meditation:

Manufactured in such a fashion that it enhances breathing meditation and helps in releasing stress by regulating nervous system amazingly. By keeping the body position perfect, it increases the pros of exercise.

  • Multiple colors:

To meet the diversified needs of different people, the hammock is available in multiple textures and in different solid colors for each and everyone.

  • Affordable:

You will not have to break a bank to get your hands on this amazing piece as it comes your ways at a greatly affordable cost.


Brand Name: Wellsem
Material: 100% Nylon
width: 2.8m
length: cut what you want
Accessory: Not Included
Weight: 0.26kg/meter
colors: 17 colors for choice

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