Crystal Tree Of Life

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Optimism is utterly pivotal in the lives of human beings as without being positive one could not move forward and tends to fail in achieving any of his dreams. So, for the purpose of maintaining the positive vibes with you, our latest & most influential Crystal Tree of Life works quite amazingly. Crystal Tree of Life has the spiritual and highly sensational capability to repel negative vibes and plays a productive role in personality development.


  • Positivity personification:

Crystal Tree of Life comes with such natural abilities which are thoroughly stupendous for the purpose of replacing rest of your negative intentions and thoughts with positive ones so that the life motives can be attained in an enhanced fashion.

  • Ideal size:

Crystal Tree of Life is produced in such an appropriate fashion which makes it perfect to be placed at any suitable premise with sheer ease without having a fear of losing or misplacing it.

  • Enchanting design:

Crystal Tree of Life has an eye-catchy and appealing design which attracts a lot of people towards it, whereas, the performance goes unprecedented without a doubt.

  • Magnificent manufacturing:

Being constructed with organic material and because it contains premium quality copper metal, so it is made certain that efficiency of performance remains intact. Also, perfect manufacturing enhances the durability by keeping the natural shape intact.

  • Affordable:

Crystal Tree of Life is very affordable and available at very reasonable price to everyone.

Metals Type: Copper
Size Details(Approx): 53x30x8mm;Hole:7x4mm

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