7 Chakras Heart Bracelet

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If you are feeling like out of luck or Chakra, then worry not, our premium quality 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet has launched with its full bloom. Enabling you to restore your sheer luck, sense of strength, spirituality, and safety, 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet ensures to not to disappoint you by any means. Apart from perfect performance, the style and fashion game can also be on point.

  • Flexible & elastic:

The manufacturing of 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet has completed in such an expertly manner that it becomes utterly adjustable and flexible for all body types. Also, it could be adjusted as per the diversified needs of the people.

  • Utterly smooth:

7 Chakras Heart Bracelet never poses any sort of threat of damage or injury as it has the ability to provide a great comfort and smoothness to the wrist.

  • Maintains 7 Chakras:

With the help of 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet, there is no compromise about the fact that 7 Chakras that revolve about the destiny of human beings are maintained up to a great extent.

  • Fashionable:

Besides most tremendous and influential advantages, 7 Chakras Heart Bracelet appears magnificent & eye-catchy due to a unique design, making it an ideal piece for wearing in different occasions.

  • Great gift & cost-effective:

7 Chakras Heart Bracelet is a most ideal gift to be presented to your loved ones or friends and the best thing about the same perspective is that it could be bought with an immense affordability.

  • Excellent as a Holiday Gift for family and friends
  • Length : About 6.7"Inch /17cm  ( Due to the elastic nature of the band it will be able to fit the typical human wrist sizes )
  • Elastic Band
  • Beads Size : 8mm. 
  • Balances the body's 7 Chakras
  • Semi-precious stones representing the 7 Chakras (Amethyst  / Lapis Lazuli / TurquoiseImperial JasperTiger's Eye Stone /  Amber / Carnelian )


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