Rainbow 7 Chakras Throw Mat

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"There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it"

Symbolizing the 7 Chakras power and potential, this Rainbow 7 Chakras Throw Mat is certain to not only make your exercise sessions fantastic but serves plenty of other purposes quite elegantly. Featuring most scintillating colors, Rainbow 7 Chakras Throw Mat never fails to fascinate many eyes. Its depiction and indication of power provide a new stimulation to the one who is doing Yoga or any similar exercise and with that, it is ideal for personal or present motives as well.


  • Power symbolic & vibrant:

Rainbow 7 Chakras Throw Mat comes with the most amazing and meaningful power symbolization which gives a new sense of inspiration to many for working out even hard on the mat. Also, Rainbow 7 Chakras Throw Mat looks very vibrant & flamboyant due to the sensational color combination.

  • Traditional & useful:

Apart from the traditional position, Rainbow 7 Chakras Throw Mat is ideal to be used for many purposes in different places. Whether to be used as the throw, blanket, or even a towel, it is equally suitable for all in either picnic, Yoga class and so forth.

  • Comfortable & secure:

Being constructed with the high-class polyester material, Rainbow 7 Chakras Throw Mat offers high toughness and a great healing tendency against wrinkles and even temperature.

  • Easy to wash:

It has the ability to be washed with the help of the machine and cold water, making it an easy to be washed product.

  • Cost-effective:

For getting your hands on Rainbow 7 Chakras Throw Mat, one does not have to break a bank as it is highly affordable.

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Use: Mat, Throw Mat, Yoga, Meditation, Prayer, Beach, Bath
Feature: Wrinkle-Resistant, Waterproof, Anti-Slip
Specification: 59'' x 27.5''
Style: 7 Chakra

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