Pyramid Healing Crystal Black Natural Obsidian Quartz

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  • $890
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Healing abilities of stones have always been unprecedented and there is absolutely no doubt about it. In the same way, our most unique and influential Crystal Black Obsidian never fails to please with its enchanting grace and class. Other than being a sophisticated healer, Crystal Black Obsidian features a very enchanting & persuasive appearance which is certain to glorify the overall ambiance & atmosphere of your place.


  • Traditional value:

Crystal Black Obsidian has a rich traditional value all the way from India which means that it could be a terrific source of healing. With its enriched cultural importance, the very stone prevails a great usability.

  • Vibrant color:

With the help of solid black color, Crystal Black Obsidian tends to look marvelous and its overall texture is something which promises a lot to its users for versatile needs and uses.

  • Graceful home decor:

Due to a mesmerizing design with the combination of scintillating & professional construction, Crystal Black Obsidian comes with a fabulous design which is certain to glorify the atmosphere on its use as a decoration piece at your home.

  • Adequate length:

Crystal Black Obsidian has a very reasonable & ideal length to make it perfect not only for the purpose of carrying but also to store it in your place without consuming a lot of space.

  • Cost-effective:

Crystal Black Obsidian, with its sheer value and enchanting presence, comes your way at an affordable cost without having to cause a financial burden.

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