Love Yoga Bracelet

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"Yoga Is Not To Be Performed, Yoga Is To Be Lived"

  • Stay Fit.
  • Stay Healthy.
  • Enjoy practicing Yoga.
  • And show your Passion!

For all the Yoga freaks, there will not be any better way of expressing your enthusiasm than wearing a Bracelet containing Love Yoga imprints. Love Yoga Bracelet looks fantastic on any type of body and helps the purpose of wearing it while exercising or even as per your varied needs. There is an embossed symbol attached as well which is certain to provide a new sense of stimulation and sensation for the sake of wellness & fitness.


  • Trendy & eye-catchy:

Love Yoga Bracelet features most formidable classic style along with a combination with leather material which makes it appear most fashionable and attractive product. Apart from that, there is Lobster clasp which enhances the wearing experience immensely.

  • Marvelous material:

The very bracelet is constructed with premium quality zinc alloy material to ensure that it retains its built-in radiance and never gets rusty even after a prolonged use.

  • Durable & soothing:

With the virtue of most organic material and professional handcrafting, the Love Yoga Bracelet tends to perform great for a long run and comes with a very comfortable & soft impact on the limbs.

  • Vibrant colors:

To meet the needs and tastes of different people, Love Yoga Bracelet comes with the options of scintillating and flamboyant colors so that the wearer can use it with sheer confidence.

  • Unisex:

Other than being capable to be gifted to your loved ones, the very Yoga Bracelet is equally ideal for both the ladies and gentlemen as well.


Color: Blue / Pink / Black
Length: 6.3"


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