Bohemian Sunset

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Taking your fashion statement to the newest level of elegance and grace, our premium quality Bohemian Sunset Pants are certain to provide you nothing else but supreme quality wearing. Bohemian Sunset Pants have such a fine quality embossing on them that make them awesome to be used for plenty of events. Besides, the optimal quality of construction is something which keeps the Bohemian Sunset Pants in the right order for a longlasting span.


  •  Elegant Bohemian style:

Bohemian Sunset Pants feature a marvelous Bohemian style which does not only have its traditional symbolism but also tend to glorify your dressing sense. Bohemian style is enriched with its own cultural grace and is liked by most of the people.

  •  Sophisticated & fashionable:

Bohemian Sunset Pants is suitable to be worn in numerous kinds of occasions as it is constructed right according to trendy style and hot fashionable charts to make it right according to modern aspirations.

  •  Formidable opening & closure:

The very pants are utterly convenient to be worn or taken off with ease. It is so because Bohemian Sunset Pants have a very robust elastic closure that comes naturally attached to ensure a great safety.

  •  Fantastic quality material:

Bohemian Sunset Pants are manufactured with organic and naturally extracted polyester material which is inevitable to keep the natural radiance of the pants intact.

  •  Versatile:

Traditional Bohemian Sunset Pants are very versatile and diversified to serve multiple purposes for all and sundry. Women could wear right according to their varying needs for numerous functions.


Style: Bohemian
Closure Type: Elastic Waist
Material: Polyester
Pant Style: Harem Pants

Size Chart:

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